Bessey Kliklamps Review

I’ve had my Bessey Kliklamps (link is for the 12-inch model currently on sale for $19.99) for about 4 months now. I have the 8-inch model and I really like them. They’re available for $14.99 at retail, but full disclosure; I received 4 of them for free from Bessey. They sent them for me to review on my YouTube channel. The only condition was that it had to be an honest review. I believe that I hit that target when I did the review (video down below), but I had only used them for a few days at the time of the review. Now that I’ve been using them for 4 months, it felt appropriate to write something a little more in-depth.

I use them pretty much every time I’m in the shop, as there’s always a reason to clamp something up. Either to clamp a workpiece securely to my workbench or to clamp for a small glue-up.

What I like most about the Bessey Kliklamp is that it has almost the same ease of operation as my Irwin Quick Clamps, except that it has a significantly higher clamping force. I also really enjoy the satisfactory ratcheting sound as I pull the lever that activates the clamping mechanism. The only downside for me is that it is a two-handed operation, but as I mentioned in my video review, that may be an unfair expectation.

These clamps really are the bridge between the traditional f-style clamp and the modern squeeze clamp. What they lack in clamping force (although still substantial at 280 lbs), they make up for with ease of use.

So the big question that I ask myself is; if Bessey hadn’t sent them to me for free, would I have bought these clamps? The answer is yes. As I continue to build out my clamp collection, it’s imperative to have a good mix. These clamps are for quick applications where ease of use trumps clamping force, and that’s where I use them.

Bottom line, get them. You won’t regret it.

Bessey KLI3.008 8-Inch Ratcheting KliKlamp - 2 Pack

$81.75  out of stock
as of September 18, 2021


  • Ratchet action resists vibration
  • Quick clamping, quick release on virtually any shape
  • Magnesium jaw, glass-fiber reinforced
  • Polyamid lever
  • Famous Bessey steel rail

Bessey KLI20 20cm Kliklamp Capacity

$22.95  in stock
4 new from $22.95
as of September 18, 2021


  • Sturdy fixed and sliding bar made of light magnesium
  • Clamp quickly and vibration-proof
  • Span wide: 200mm

Bessey KLI3.008 8-Inch Ratcheting KliKlamp by Bessey

$39.84  in stock
3 new from $39.84
as of September 18, 2021


  • Bessey KLI3.008 8-Inch Ratcheting KliKlamp
  • 8-Inch

Bessey - KLI20 Kliklamp Capacity 200mm

$48.37  in stock
as of September 18, 2021


  • Lever clamps

Bessey 3101393 KliKlamp Pads, 2 pack

$27.99  in stock
as of September 18, 2021


EAN ListEAN List Element: 0788502202411
Item DimensionsHeight: 100; Length: 600; Width: 100
Package Quantity2
Part Number3101393
Product GroupHome Improvement
Product Type NameTOOLS
TitleBessey 3101393 KliKlamp Pads, 2 pack
UPC ListUPC List Element: 788502202411
9 Total Score
Bessey Kliklamps Review

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