Milwaukee M18™ Compact Blower (0884-20)

Submitted by: Justin Sparks

I purchased the Milwaukee M18™ Compact Blower about 1 year ago because I wanted a way to quickly blow away the sawdust and debris from my jobsite projects. There were many instances where I would get the air compressor out only for this purpose and I wanted to save the time and effort. I already owned the Milwaukee drill set that uses the same batteries and I figured that I could swap tools on the fly.

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Boy did I underestimate the use cases for this little beauty! It works great for my jobsite needs and it has become a necessary tool in my workshop. I reach for it almost every time doing a project.


This compact blower has a variable speed trigger switch that allows you to have an amazing amount of control over the airflow. The trigger can be locked in the on position to reduce finger fatigue. Additionally there are three positive lock speeds on a thumb switch just to the rear of the trigger.  These three speeds make it possible to set the flow from a light breeze to full hurricane!


After a year of use I would say that the blower set to the highest speed most of the time. But there are many times where I have it on the lowest setting while dusting out the shop. With this setting I’m able to blow the dust from a workbench while leaving behind paperwork and other light weight objects that would typically go with the dust while using an air compressor and air nozzle.


I have found that my primary use is to quickly remove the dust from my workbenches. I also use it every time I clean out the shop. I open the roll-up door and blow out the entire shop. To my surprise it’s also great for quickly cooling down on hot days. I’ve brought it on camping trips to help keep the kids cool. The lowest setting is very comfortable.


I’ve been using the 5.0 amp hour batteries and have had extraordinarily long battery life. It’s rare to put its battery on charge; maybe I’ll charge it once a month or so. I’m sure this will vary depending on the user’s work load and needs.


It comes with a soft rubber nozzle, a 9” hard plastic extension, and a universal inflator/deflator tip. I’ve never needed to use the extension but I really like the rubber nozzle. It can be ovalized to fit in smaller places and I feel like I’m less likely to scratch my client projects. The inflator/deflator is very fast. The adapters can be placed on the intake of the blower for the deflation process.

I’m very happy with Milwaukee’s compact blower. If I had to change anything I would add another speed to the low end. This would allow for total control while dusting around objects on the workbenches.

I believe Milwaukee Tools has a 5 year warranty on the compact blower. With how well this tool is made a warranty use case would most likely be for a factory defect only. It would be tough for the tool to fail under typical use.


I have a feeling this tool will last a lifetime. If it ever gets lost or stolen I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

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