Bessy Variable Angle Strap Clamp (VAS+2K)

Submitted By: Shaun Guthrie @caskwoodworking

I’ve said before and this time is no different, I typically purchase tools when I need them.  A client commission required me to build square wood pedestals which have a 45-degree miter on each corner.  After I took the commission I realized I didn’t have a good enough clamping solution for these boxes.  I recall seeing strap clamps at some point via Instagram and said I must have these.

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Once I got these out of the packaging the setup was quite simple. The clamps easily clip onto the strap and you place it around the workpiece you are looking to clamp.  It does take some getting used to pulling in the excess strap to the point you can start adding pressure however within a couple uses you get the hang of it.  One concern I had with the plastic corners were they may mark up the wood however this was not the case and my workpiece was just fine.  Clamping pressure was even, tight and did a great job on the pieces I was working with.

Features of the Variable Angle Strap Clamp that I like are:

  • Lots of capacity, up to 23 feet
  • Rubber clamp handle which is comfortable and easy to apply pressure
  • Provided even clamping pressure across all miter faces

Features I did not like

  • There weren’t many things I didn’t like, possibly the plastic vario corners could break or get lost rendering the product useless.

Disclaimer – The strap clamps were provided to me by Bessey for reviewing its use.

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