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Howdy! I’m Rion, I’m an electrician with 13 years experience roughly the same amount of time I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest not shoveling the rain. I’m happily married to my wife of 12.5 years and we have 6 children – 4 Boys and 2 Girls – all of which love to help out in the kitchen and in the shop. Together my wife Amanda and I work to teach the kids how to be safe while having fun and making stuff – from mac-n-cheese to go-carts – and it seems that they are always pushing us to our limits. It’s a good thing we have several years experience to draw on. I started my working life as a paperboy – delivering the classified ad paper my dad published for a few years – and cleaning bricks with my grandpa and cousin – they were in the city brick dump and we sold them for 10 cents a piece. Lego’s were my favorite toy, and still are! Fast forward 7 years and I was working as a cook, a job I still enjoy only now I do it at home. I’ve also held jobs working in nearly every homebuilding trade from setting froms for footings to roofing the house and everything in between. Mechatronics called to me for a spell and I learned some machining basics and a bit of ladder-logic programming, common folk call this industrial automation, really all I did was assist the wizard behind the dedicated CNC machines we built. I went back to electrical work to finally complete the commercial hours I need to get my General Journeyman Electricians license for Washington and Oregon. This is the job I currently earn my living with. I have also always had a little bit of entrepreneur in me, this has led me to try my hand at a number of businesses. I think I have settled in to talking tools and trying to help others find the right tools for the task at hand. I am working on building a business that can further help my fellow makers find and buy the tools they need to continue to make stuff. Maker Tool & Supply Co. is my latest major ongoing project, and I hope it can grow to be everything it needs to be to serve the maker community. As a tool reviewer for Maker Tech Reviews my hope is that I can help you make the right decision on your future tool purchases.

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