Milwaukee M12 Cordless Impact Driver

Well, I’ve been using my M12 impact driver (link to combo pack) for just over a year now and don’t regret the purchase price of 100 bucks for the set that came with the impact driver, drill, charger, and two M12 batteries. I use this bad boy daily in my line of work as an Electrician, from driving screws to drilling occasional holes I’ve got nothing bad to say about this handful of power. It’s lightweight, compact, and packs a punch – for a compact impact driver of it’s size, it’s leading the pack in my opinion. I’ve also got the Makita version of this tool, compared side by side I’ll take the Milwaukee every time. Now, I would like to try all the different brands side by side in a real comparison test but my budget just doesn’t allow for that right now. Mine has taken such a beating that I figure I will be needing to replace it soon, and when I do the only upgrade from this is the brushless version -M12 Fuel, and I will be going for that. On the job site this impact has taken several spills off of ladders, scaffolding, manlifts, down stairs, and off of a balcony or two. It just keeps on keeping on as if it’s none the worse for wear. I don’t recommend that you abuse yours like I do mine but know this – if you do you can rest assured it will keep working long after you would expect. Granted the batteries won’t hold up as long as the driver itself will but that is to be expected. It comes with a handy little belt hook that I would advise you to utilize. If you watch the ads you can grab one of these up for about $80 when they are on sale.

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