Snap on 2000 Lumens LED Work Light

One of the things I do as a fabricator is shoot YouTube videos of my projects. Sometimes they’re actual how-to videos, sometimes I just document the project and put it out there for other makers to get ideas. In a quest to improve the quality of those videos I’ve been taking online classes on content creation and lesson number one appears to be “have good lighting!”

To that end I found the Snap On 2000 Lumen Work Light. They were on sale at Costco for $24.99 (down from $29.99) in the Fall of 2016 so I bought a couple to give them a try. A definite upgrade from the no-name LED worklight I had been using. Snap On is a name I know and trust so I had no trouble making this investment, but the real reason I got it was 2000 Lumens of LED light. That really makes things pop on camera. I now use them on every shoot unless I’m in natural sunlight. The energy efficiency is also a factor because each one draws less than half an amp.

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It comes with a nice big handle on top and a set of feet so you can set the adjustable angle head on the ground or other surface. For my application, I put one on top of an old tripod to be able to adjust the height.  The other one is now mounted on top of a six foot tall microphone stand. This allows me to virtually eliminate shadows from my video shots. They run cool so they don’t heat up the shop like other types of theatrical lighting. They’re nice and bright and they have a switch right in the head so I can leave them plugged in and route the power cords up to outlets I’ve installed in the ceiling. This reduces trip hazards on the floor.  The only thing I don’t like about these lights is that the power cord is too short. I’ve since voided the warranty on them by opening up the case and soldering in longer cords. Not only would I buy them again, I’m planning on buying more because if 4000 Lumens is great, 8000 Lumens has got to be better!



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