Reviewer: Bo Ranson

Bo Ranson is a life long Maker. Having grown up on a farm in Ripley, West Virginia that has now become known as Ranson Hollows, , making things was just a way of life. After a long career in the Oil & Gas industry, Bo has retired to the wood shop and playing on the farm. A self-professed Youtube content and Podcast fanatic he is also active on the “I Like to Make Stuff” FaceBook page and enjoys interacting with the talented and diverse group of people found there.  Bo has put up several videos on his YouTube channel for his amusement and yours. Check them out.

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1 comment for “Reviewer: Bo Ranson

  1. Marci Weyer
    November 22, 2016 at 12:29 am

    I have personally seen his creations. They are unique and well made. Not only are his products amazing but so is he.

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