Reviewer: Shaun Guthrie

While working by day as a Director of Information Technology, at night Shaun has found a passion for Woodworking which adds a much-needed balance between Technology and Wood.

Starting with no tools and no real knowledge of woodworking, Shaun started out buying tools for each new project, learning off YouTube and putting those skills to work by trial and error.  After some time and wanting to incorporate his love for wine into woodworking, Cask Woodworking was established November of 2015. While Shaun is still relatively new to woodworking his skills continue to grow as does his local brand in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

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Shaun is family man and has a beautiful very understanding wife who doesn’t complain about not parking in the garage.  Father of three children with one on the way, between the day job and woodworking he is very busy. Shaun’s other interest include Home Automation, Hiking, Skiing, and Computers.

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