Reviewer: Josh Price

After dropping out of engineering school, Josh served in the Army for 8 years as a helicopter crew member.  Since leaving the military, he has worked in the defense contracting world as a survival instructor and now as a program planner and full-time graduate student.

Always wanting more and striving to create, he found himself constantly saying, “I can make that.” So he got some tools and started making things out of whatever he could find. The P.I. Workshop has rekindled a love of designing, tinkering, and making he thought he had lost.  Along with his wife, Josh runs his workshop as an element of their family’s homeschool and as a STEAM educational outreach program for kids throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area.

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Originally based out of a 2.5-car garage, The P.I. Workshop has transitioned to the back of the family’s fifth-wheel camper as they prepare to travel the country full-time.  Josh has been through many iterations of tool purchases, from beginner to professional and now to small and multipurpose.  The P.I. Workshop is proving that, with the right tools, you can build anything…even in an 18 square foot shop.

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