Reviewer: Marsh Wildman

Marsh Wildman is an Artisan Technologist with a very strong science & engineering background and a passion for art. As an amateur radio operator, he developed a deep understanding of electronics and computers. Later as a welder/fabricator in a machine shop, he gained a strong knowledge of all things mechanical. With these skills under his belt, he became a millwright at a Cooperage where he built from scratch many automated production line machines. Each of which was custom tailored to a particular production line task.

Marsh has done everything from manufacture mechanical and electronic devices; intricate wood carvings; created beautiful metal sculptures; to delicate pencil sketches. When a challenge arises, he’ll learn a new skill to solve it. He does it for the love of solving a problem. Still working on the Rubik’s cube though.

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He also owns and operates Wildman Technology & Fabrication in Sacramento CA. The focus of his company is to enable artists and other creatives to add technology to their projects. He also builds prototypes for inventors and a lot of people bring him Pinterest pictures with the question: “Can you make one of these?” He never turns them down. He also builds automated production line equipment both for himself and for young manufacturing start-ups.

A community minded sort of person, Marsh does volunteer work in the community and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty for a good cause. He helps out at the local maker space and runs three Meetup groups in Sacramento.

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