Makita 4329 Jigsaw

Jigsaws are most maker’s least favorite power saw. I am not one of those makers. Let me tell you why. I understand the limits of this type of tool and I only use it for it’s strengths. Before I had a bandsaw, this was the only saw I had that could cut curves. Even after I got my bandsaw, this is still the only saw I have that can cut inside curves.

All that said, this is a fantastic jigsaw. The Makita 4329 3.9 Amp Variable-Speed Top-Handle Jig Sawhas all of the features you’d expect from a modern jigsaw; variable speed, orbital cutting, adjustable base for cutting miters, and dust collection. The last two I’ve never used. I would never cut miters with a jigsaw.

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The Makita 4329 has a 3.9 amp motor, which means that it’s more on the compact side and is not really a production shop jigsaw. You’ll probably want something with a bigger motor if you’re using it all day every day. That being said, for the weekend warrior, this is a terrific saw. It also comes with a hardcase, which is great for throwing it in the truck and using it on a jobsite.

The orbital feature means that you can cut faster, but that usually induces quite a bit of tear-out, therefore I keep it off. The variable speed also allows you to minimize tear-out by adjusting for material requirements. If using it for straight cuts, I strongly suggest clamping a straight edge to your work piece and running the saw against it.

The last point I want to make is that it uses the t-shank quickchange blade, which is pretty standard on a modern jigsaw, but still something to be happy about. I’ve used jigsaws that used the old style straight shank and allen key. No thanks.

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